About DTG

The University of Vicenza was founded more than 800 years ago at the beginning of the 1200s when an offshoot was constituted by a group of students that had abandoned the University of Bologna.

That first experience in Vicenza was a short lived one (from 1204 to 1209), but it was influential in the birth of the University of Padua a few years later in 1222.

The University of Padua returned to Vicenza in 1990, the year that the Institute of Engineering Management was founded, and was temporarily located in Monte Berico where a group of faculty members and researchers set to work.

The Department of Management and Engineering (Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali), instituted a few years later in 1998, transferred to its present location in the San Nicola complex in the spring of 1999.

In 1990 the first Italian five year university course of Engineering Management was set up to be followed in 1992 by bachelor's degree (three year) programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering and finally in 1994 by Biomedical Engineering.

The organization of the courses has been recently reorganized to meet the changing needs of students and the international workplace and to comply with  government regulations.

In 2001 bachelor's degree programmes in Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, and in Electronic Engineering were instituted, and in 2004 a master's degree programme (a two year course of studies leading to a second level degree) in Engineering and Management and a bachelor's degree programme in Mechatronic Engineering were established.

In 2008 courses of studies in Mechanics and Mechatronics were joined to create a new bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering and master's degree programmes in Product Innovation Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering were instituted.
There are presently 1700 students enrolled in courses at the University of Vicenza campus.