PhD Program in Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering


The PhD program

The PhD program in "Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering" answers to the precise needs to provide a broad education with specialized training applying an interdisciplinary research approach, which is actually strongly required by our country and first of all by local industries, able to prepare highly qualified research experts both for academic and both for industrial working environments. By an academic point of view, the multidisciplinary education offered by the PhD program proposed and sustained by relevant research groups of the DTG Department, will permit to drive the scientific training of students according to the different scientific research fields and with the MA degree courses offered in Vicenza.

The PhD curricula

Training objectives of the PhD program in "Mechatronics and Product Innovation Engineering" are particularly based on automated machines and plants manufacturers needs and, more in general, on the electro-mechanical industry needs. Automated machines and equipments find large employ in a number of industrial sectors, as mechanical, wood, textile, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics industry and further more. In such working contests high qualified professionals are required with cross sectional skills and competences concerning advanced components design and testing (Materials Mechanics), automated machines design and configuration (Mechatronics), plant layout design and optimization with particular regards with the inbound supply chain integration (Industrial plants and Logistics). From these considerations, the PhD school subdivision into 3 different PhD curricula has been derived:

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